What is a Quester?

March 2, 2020

ARE YOU A QUESTER? Would you know a Quester if you met one? Could you become one? What are Questers anyway?

Questers think of work differently from most people. Like many, Questers will probably spend a third to half of their adult lives working or thinking about work. But unlike most people at crucial points in their lives, they set off on quests to find new life career challenges.

By learning about the courage and imagination Questers rely on to find career happiness and growth, you may discover ways to take better control of your career—and life. Some started taking charge of their careers early. Others were near retirement.

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           Questers Dare to Change Your Job and Life


Why Questers Succeed

Questers are purposeful, innovative, and resilient. They view career advancement as growth of the whole person. Independent, optimistic, and often drawn to challenges, Questers have courage to risk.

Questers measure success by internal standards rather than by “shoulds” of others. They value self-respect more than what others say about them. For them, security must come from within.

Because they work hard and are goal-oriented, they succeed. Some become billionaires or achieve celebrity. Money and prestige, however, are by-products.

Questers include the accountant turned potter, the computer programmer who became a police officer, and the millionaire who started his business with $60.00.

Because Questers create purposeful work, they tend to have higher levels of personal and professional satisfaction than many. Questers are productive, healthy, and happy well into their nineties. Many become centenarians.

Become a Quester Starting Today

Perhaps you’re thinking that Questers must be extraordinary or glamorous people. Not really. They’re individuals like you and me who face career challenges common to most. But they have learned to do something about their challenges. They take charge!

We’re all born with Quester qualities. You see them in infants as they excitedly explore every cupboard in their homes. Unfortunately, as people grow older, many lose this passion for exploring and growing. That doesn’t have to be you!

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Author, Dr. Carole Kanchier, encourages you to reassess your views of career success, and strengthen Quester traits such as purpose and intuition to succeed. Carole Kanchier has worked with clients representing varied industries, and has taught at the University of Alberta, University of California, Berkeley and Santa Cruz, and other institutions of higher learning. She chaired the Career Change Committee, National Career Development Association, and was Advisory Board member, College Admission Counseling Program, University of California, Berkeley.

Contact: Carole Kanchier: carole@questersdaretochange.com; carole@daretochange.com; www.questersdaretochange.com