3 Tips for Minimizing Job Burnout

February 28, 2020

  3 Tips for Minimizing Job Burnout

Are you tired, irritable, feel powerless about aspects of your job? If so, you may be headed for burnout. Job burnout is a chronic stress syndrome caused by work and societal stress, as well as personal characteristics. But burnout is preventable and treatable, and can be a catalyst for growth.

– Keep problems in perspective. Don’t fear failure. View mistakes as learning experiences. If you have a setback, identify what went wrong, modify plans and try again.

– Manage time. Keep a daily record and recognize time-wasting habits.  Make lists and prioritize. Avoid unnecessary meetings and delegate when possible.

– Restructure job. Clarify roles, responsibilities, goals. Know what’s expected. Explore ways to creatively redesign  job to work more effectively.

–  Develop support systems. Cultivate meaningful, supportive relationships. Share frustrations with trusted individuals. Consider professional assistance. .

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