Keynotes and Customized Programs

  • Are you looking for a lively, articulate speaker for your professional, business or service group?
  • Do you want a presenter who can inspire and empower participants to dare to be all they can be!
  • Would you like an informed professional to personalize each presentation integrating theory and practice in an energetic, caring fashion?
  • Does your organization need a workshop facilitator to help employees understand and benefit from transitions and change.

Dr. Kanchier gives keynotes, seminars and workshops to varied professional, business and service groups. Topics listed below are designed to help participants take charge of their career and personal lives. They are tailored to meet the needs of specific groups. Scroll to bottom of page to read Customized Program reviews.

Sample Topics

What’s Your Purpose — Your Reason for Being? — Discusses the importance of purpose in attaining meaning, direction, inner peace and satisfaction. Shows how to clarify your purpose and translate this into goals in harmony with the real you.

Aligning Personal and Company Missions — Having person-organization fit results in a “win-win” for both employees and employer. Shows how individuals and organizations can clarify their missions and bring these into harmony to attain individual and corporate goals resulting in greater motivation, compatibility, and productivity.

Positive Attitudes Make a Difference — Illustrates how to strengthen optimism and turn crises into opportunities. Demonstrates how to identify barriers to growth, eliminate self-defeating attitudes and behaviors, and increase corporate bottom line.

Take Charge of Your Career — and Life — Provides a refreshing, holistic overview of lifelong career decision making, and describes the winning qualities of Questers, that enable them to flourish in a dynamic world.

Questers — New Career Attitudes — Discusses the winning attitudes and behaviors of Questers, resilient achievers who adapt and triumph in a changing world. Meet optimistic, self-reliant Questers from all walks of life who dare to risk and follow dreams. Discover Quester traits you possess and strengthen others.

Use Your Intuition for Personal and Professional Decision Making — Learn to trust your “gut.” Provides an overview of the basic principles of intuition and shows how to identify and use intuitive tendencies to access your limitless creative potential.

Develop the Courage to Risk — Describes personal risk taking and discusses strategies that enhance your will to risk. Assess your level of risking, identify barriers to risk, and develop proven goal attainment strategies.

Crucial Steps for Attaining Desired Goals — Focuses on identifying goals in harmony with your purpose. Learn key elements of effective goal attainment, and leave with a personal action plan to begin realizing a desired goal.

How to Set and Attain Personal and Team Goals — Focuses on identifying goals in harmony with your purpose as well as that of your team. Learn key elements of effective goal attainment, and leave with a plan to attain team goal.

Dare to Dream Big — Shows how to develop the mental, emotional, and spiritual qualities necessary for personal and professional success and satisfaction. Learn how to achieve lofty goals by capitalizing on strengths and programming desired beliefs and behaviors in your brain.

Redefining “Retirement” — Provides a refreshing life cycle approach to the “retirement transition.” Identify myths of aging and issues related to ageism and aging. Use your power to build a desired life.

Beat Job Burnout — Discusses the causes and symptoms of burnout and demonstrates how to remedy this stress syndrome. Identify work and life stressers and acquire strategies to minimize stress and regain energy and enthusiasm.

Make Change Work for You — Prepare for and manage change! Understand stages of change, learn how to overcome limiting beliefs, and welcome change. Strengthen qualities needed to manage transitions.

How Satisfied Are You With Your Job? — Demonstrates how your feelings about your job are related to lifelong mental and physical well being. Identify job satisfiers and develop innovative strategies to enhance work situation.

The Career and Life Cycles
— Discusses how the stages of the career and life cycles are related to employee confidence, job satisfaction, productivity, and job change. Explores ways by which organizations can use this knowledge to strengthen employee satisfaction and productivity.

How to Make Decisions Wisely — Describes a tested career decision-making model which uses both rational/cognitive and intuitive strengths.

Career Plateauing: Crisis or Opportunity? — Shows how career plateauing can become an opportunity for continuing personal and professional growth. Demonstrates how to generate exciting career and other life alternatives, and clarify and attain desired goals.

It’s Never Too Late to Learn — Describes ways in which you can continue lifelong mental, spiritual and psychological growth.

Notifying Employees of the Layoff — Discusses how to downsize effectively. (See Counseling and Coaching.)

How to Get and Keep Questers in the Workplace — Discusses how to hire the right people and reasons good employees leave. Shows how to identify, manage, motivate and retain peak performers.

Managing Organizational Change — Attain knowledge and techniques to understand, inspire and manage people through change, and build a motivated, productive work force.

What Do You Want to Do for the Rest of Your Life? — Provides a refreshing, holistic overview of lifelong career decision making. Learn where you fit in the career and life cycles and your readiness for change. Use innovative strategies to clarify purpose, assess other personal qualities and explore compatible options

Additional Topics

The Contemporary Workplace — Illustrates ways to create a harmonious, healthy workplace. Topics include:

  • Integrate Spiritual Principles at Work
  • Put the Chaos Theory to Work for You by Preparing for Change
  • Look at Career Advancement in New Ways

Workplace Essentials — Addresses employee satisfaction, morale and productivity. Topics include:

  • Communication Essentials
  • Business Etiquette
  • Depression — A Self-Help Guide to Lift the Blues

Performance Boosters — Discusses issues affecting work motivation and performance. Topics include:

  • Taking a Tao Approach to Time Constraints
  • Overcoming Fear of Failure
  • Perceptions, Goals Help Reduce Stress

Empowerment Skills — Presents topics related to personal and professional growth. Topics include:

  • Use Mind Power
  • Strengthen Resilience
  • Learn from Mistakes

Advanced Level Workshops

In-depth coverage of topics are provided for participants who want further elaboration.

Individual Career Counseling and Coaching

Counseling is offered to individuals who desire a more personal and/or in-depth approach. Click Here

What Others Say About Customized Programs

“Thank you for a fabulous four weeks on learning and exploring career issues. The materials and exercises were very appropriate for our culture and the case studies helped to humanize current work situations employees are facing.” – Irma M, Levi Strauss.
“Thank you for making the National Consultation on Vocational Counseling a success. Comments on many evaluations indicated you provided a unique, inspiring perspective.” – Program Coordinator.
“The evaluations from the Intuitive Edge course are very positive and reflect a very high level of participant satisfaction with content and presentation style. Thank you.” – Diane C, Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta.
“Thanks for the very inspiring and informative presentation on goal attainment. It lifted participants’ morale.” – Linda M, Cisco Systems.
“Thank you for the stimulating day. You gave us much to reflect upon. All participants agreed the day was an outstanding success.” – Deela M, Los Alamos National Laboratory.
“We thoroughly enjoyed your engaging presentation on purpose. It extended our horizons and gave us much to think about.” – Robert F, Program Coordinator

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