Are You Wondering What To Do With Your Life?

Do you desire to understand and control your life? Do you want to adapt and succeed in changing times? Do you want to look at career growth in new ways? You feel empty. You’re stymied. You know that something’s missing but you can’t put your finger on it…

Unleash Your True Potential Starting Right Now

That’s the real problem isn’t it? How do you get out of that rut that’s holding you and your career back? What steps do you take? What do you do to break free from the professional and personal dead-end you find yourself trapped in?

Deep down you know that if you had the answer to these questions, you’d do whatever it takes to rediscover yourself, reinvent your career, and be not only successful but also happy. If that’s your predicament, if you’re frustrated and overwhelmed at trying to take charge of your life and your career so you can enjoy both to the fullest, then Dr. Carole Kanchier’s Questers Dare to Change Your Job and Life can help turn your life around.

…Do you DARE TO CHANGE?grey-carot_06

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Expert Columns

“Dr. Kanchier’s insightful columns have kept Sun Media readers engaged and inspired…”
–Diane Janes, Sun Media

Keynotes & Programs

“Thank you for a fabulous four weeks on learning and exploring career issues...”
-Irma M, Levi Strauss.

Instructional Materials

“Congratulations on not only stating the obvious but also in describing the elements of the critical thinking process…”
-Larry M., Education Consultant.

Carole Kanchier, PhD

Registered Psychologist, Educator, Author/Columnist


Kanchier inspires people to realize their potential, and look at career growth in new ways to thrive in changing times.

Dr. Kanchier has the breadth and depth of experience to show people how to create and grow their careers. A visionary, Kanchier pioneered a unique, holistic, developmental model of lifelong growth and decision making which she shares in her award-winning, leading edge book, Questers Dare to Change Your Job and Life.

Uniquely qualified to talk about transitions and empowerment, Kanchier researches, writes, counsels, and conducts workshops on career change. She walks her talk!


To provide expert services to help adults understand change and empower themselves to manage the changes occurring within and around them.

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