What is a Quester?

Are you a Quester? Take the test here.Would you know a Quester if you met one? Are you a Quester yourself? Could you become one? What are Questers anyway?

Questers think of their work differently from most people. Like many individuals, Questers will probably spend a third to half of their adult lives working or thinking about work. But unlike most people at crucial points in their careers, they set off on quests to find missing links in their lives…

Some adults possess Quester qualities such as self-confidence, the desire for challenge, and a sense of achievement. However, most Questers have strengthened these and developed others necessary to prevail in a changing world. They have learned to risk, to turn crises into opportunities, and to adapt to changing circumstances.

By reading about the courage and imagination of Questers, who continue to grow and change, you may discover ways to take better control of your career—and your life. Some started taking charge of their careers early in life. Others were near retirement. Maybe you share some of the personality characteristics Questers tend to have: purpose, autonomy, confidence, achievement, growth, creativity, risk, resilience, optimism, androgyny, and interpersonal skills. Where do you fit ?

Why Questers Succeed Where Others Fail

Questers are purposeful, innovative, and resilient, and are better prepared to succeed  in changing times.

Questers view career advancement as growth of the whole person. They are independent, optimistic, innovative, rich in inner resources, and often drawn to challenges. They have the courage to take risks.

Questers measure success by internal standards rather than by the “shoulds” of others. They value self-respect more than what others say about them. For them, security in a changing world must come from within.

Because they work hard and are goal-oriented, they tend to succeed where others stagnate or fail. Indeed, some become billionaires or achieve celebrity. Money and prestige, however, are merely by-products.

Questers have higher levels of career and personal satisfaction than many others. They create self-harmonious work by choosing activities that provide meaning, purpose, and direction. Questers are productive, healthy, and happy well into their nineties.

How To Become A Quester Starting Today

Perhaps you’re thinking that Questers must be extraordinary or glamorous people. Not really. They are ordinary individuals just like you and me who face career challenges common to most people. But they have learned to do something about their difficulties. They have learned to take control of them and conquer them.

You can, too, because we are all born with Quester qualities. You see them in infants as they learn to crawl and walk and explore every nook and cranny in their homes. Unfortunately, as people grow older, many lose this passion for exploring and growing. This doesn’t have to be you.

Questers Dare to Change Your Job and Life shows you how to rediscover, renew, and strengthen your Quester qualities. You owe it to yourself to read this life changing book!

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