Questers Dare to Change Your Job & Life

Are you:

Book, Questers Dare to Change, by Carole Kanchier

Effective Strategies for Life Transitions and Career Change

• Wondering what to do with your life?
• Wanting to adapt and succeed in changing times?
• Needing knowledge and strategies to understand and control your personal and professional life?
• Wanting information and strategies to help others?
• Desiring to become what you were born to be?
• Wanting courage to change?

If so, the award winning, Questers Dare to Change Your Job and Life, is for you. This inspiring, life-changing book, will give you knowledge and strategies to develop courage, confidence, and resilience to control your personal and professional life.  Buy Now

Take Charge of Your Career – And Life

To adapt and triumph in our dynamic world, we must learn new attitudes and skills. We need to reassess our views of career advancement and strengthen Quester traits. Questers, Dare to Change demonstrates how career transitions are linked to all areas of one’s life and will inspire and guide you to reshape your career and life. Questers’ stories, quizzes, and guidelines will help you understand how you grow and change through life, where you are in the career and life cycles, and how to create a purposeful, growth-oriented, and fulfilling life. The Quester approach evolved from years of research with hundreds of thousands adults and is based on proven psychological and business concepts.  Read more

So What Will Questers Dare To Change Give You?

• Proven strategies for keeping your options open and staying focused on available opportunities.
• Smart tactics for dealing with challenges and risk when you need to.
• Key decision-making strategies to help you turn crises into opportunities, and take charge your own life.
• Informative guidelines to help you grow and change throughout life.
• Reliable self-assessment tools that enable you to discover who you are, your Quester strengths, are, and what you should do to achieve continuing personal and professional growth satisfaction.
• Inspiring case studies that demonstrate how Questers adapt and succeed in changing times to help you model your own path to success.  Read chapter excerpts

Book, Questers Dare to Change, by Carole Kanchier

Winner of the American Association for Career Education Book Award for Excellence and Innovation, this groundbreaking best seller shows how to empower yourself to achieve a  meaningful, satisfying, and productive life in a challenging, changing world.


Dare to Change!

This is the first step. You don’t need a lot of money. In fact, you don’t really need any money at all to get what you want.You don’t need any “inside” connections. You don’t have to belong to some “smart set.” It’s what’s inside you that counts. That’s all. But you do have to commit to change your life and career so that they are in sync, so they both work with you, not against you. What you want to be is a Quester, one of that rare breed of men and women who are willing to take charge of their lives. Are you up for the challenge?   See readers’ reviews

Target Audience

Questers Dare to Change is a must read for individuals experiencing a personal or career transition, considering what to do next, desiring to become what they were born to be, or seeking skills to adapt and succeed in changing times. It’s an excellent resource for the general public, educators, psychologists and business/human resources professionals.

Contents at a Glance

Chapter 2 Quester Qualities
What makes a person a Quester? Read about the qualities Questers have in common—qualities you can develop to adapt and succeed.
Chapter 4 Career Change: What’s Right for You?
There are several routes to career satisfaction and success. Find out what’s right for you, and learn how to manage a layoff.   See all the chapters

Book, Questers Dare to Change, by Carole Kanchier

Effective Strategies for Life Transitions and Career Change

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