Chapters at a Glance

Chapter 1 Questers and the Contemporary Career. Famous Questers and thousands of less-known folks are redefining the way we look at career advancement and the workplace.

Chapter 2 Quester Qualities
What makes a person a Quester? Read about the qualities Questers have in common—qualities you can develop to adapt and succeed in a changing world.

Chapter 3 Are You a Quester?
Take The Quester Questionnaire to find out how many Quester qualities you already have. Then find tips for strengthing more.

Chapter 4 Career Change: What’s Right for You?
There are several routes to career satisfaction and success. Find out what’s right for you, and learn how to manage a layoff.

Chapter 5 The Career Cycle Meets the Life Cycle
If you look over your life and career, do you see patterns emerge? Learn how your career and life cycles mesh, and how to make the process work for you.

Chapter 6 Job Satisfiers
What makes for a satisfying career? Take The Job Satisfaction Questionnaire and other quizzes to determine if your job suits you.

Chapter 7 The Courage to Risk—Psychological Aspects of Decision-Making
Changing jobs can be a risky business. Learn how Questers have minimized risk by using a psychological decision-making process that works.

Chapter 8 Dare to Change
Follow a step-by-step decision-making process to prepare yourself for the challenges, changes, and opportunities ahead so you can act with confidence, optimism, and courage.