Counseling & Coaching

  • Would you like to understand yourself better?
  • Do you want practical strategies to strengthen certain personal characteristics?
  • Do you want to have control over what happens to you?
  • Do you need skills for managing challenging personal or work situations?
  • Are you looking for a safe environment to discuss concerns and receive constructive feedback?

Own your life. Learn sure-fire strategies for becoming your own person in every area of life. Achieve goals you never thought possible. Consider personal or career counseling/coaching sessions.

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What are Counseling & Coaching Sessions?

Personal development and career counseling is a personalized process that combines both intuitive and cognitive techniques to help you understand yourself, explore career and life options, and clarify and attain desired goals.

Varied self assessment tools and experiential exercises help you identify your purpose, needs, values, strengths/talents and other attributes. You become aware of which part of your life you and others control.

You learn how to make decisions wisely by using your intuition and exploring a full range of possibilities. Proven guidelines help you narrow compatible lifestyle options, clarify goals, identify and overcome obstacles, and plan for success. You develop and adhere to an action plan, and map for success.

Knowledge and strategies from numerous disciplines including psychology, education, science and business help you acquire insight, guidance, and support to manage varied issues. Throughout the process you are given homework and feedback to ensure continuing progress.

Career and personal development coaching involves similar strategies. The processes offers executives and professionals insight, guidance, and support to understand and manage varied career, work, and lifestyle issues.

Telephone counseling is available to individuals from all parts of the globe. Dr. Kanchier works with clients from many North American and Asian venues. Arrange counseling or coaching sessions

Benefits of Counseling and Coaching

You will feel heard, understood, and supported. You will feel better, and have greater independence, resilience, self-knowledge, self acceptance and self confidence, and be better prepared to manage difficult work and/or life situations. We are all born Questers but tend to lose these qualities and set up barriers to empowerment and growth that are manifested in expressions of resistance such as fear, denial and delaying tactics.

Upon completion of the defined counseling or coaching process, you will be empowered to:

  • Manage your transition with knowledge, confidence and courage.
  • Clarify your purpose and identify strengths and needs, other personal characteristics and preferred lifestyle.
  • Know how to make decisions wisely.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills to identify and explore lifestyle options.
  • Cultivate and use intuition.
  • Clarify priorities, goals and develop actions plans.
  • Strengthen resilience, develop the courage to risk and manage fear.
  • Enhance optimism, boost confidence and eliminate self-defeating behaviors.
  • Use effective job search and marketing strategies.

What Others Say About Counseling and Coaching

“Dr. Kanchier helped me through every step of my difficult transition… I have more energy, direction and inner peace…” -Tamara G, Nurse

“Counseling helped me realize I do have options… I do not have to stay in a difficult situation.” -Doug Y, Laborer.

“Counseling helped me acquire the confidence, know-how, courage and persistence to get the job I’ve always wanted.” -M. Martin, Accountant

“I felt hopelessly trapped before counseling. Now, there isn’t a work week that passes by that I don’t think about the ideas and techniques that I have learned from our sessions.” -Celeste L, Recreation Professional

“The revealing quizzes, probing questions and perceptive exercises helped me acquire the insight to finally clarify my goals… Dr. Kanchier’s warmth, affirming and supportive environment, and use of intuitive and intellectual strategies, make her a superior counselor.” -Lorraine F, Entrepreneur.

Acquire the knowledge, strategies, courage and confidence to create a more satisfying life.

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