Take Charge of Your Career and Life

Questers Dare to Change Your Job and Life not only encourages you to rethink your career and life, it shows you how.  It describes how you grow and change throughout life and where you fit in the career and life cycles. It also discusses how career transitions are inter-related with all life components and environmental forces.

Real life examples of Questers, representing varied occupations and a broad age range, motivate you to move beyond traditional thinking about career growth. Tips to strengthen Quester qualities such as creativity, resilience, optimism, and authenticity are given. You will learn how to clarify purpose, boost confidence, use intuition, develop courage to risk, and manage fear.

Revealing quizzes and practical guidelines will help you understand yourself, explore compatible options, make wise decisions, and attain desired goals. Proven strategies demonstrate how to minimize burnout and use effective job search and marketing strategies.

Quotes from Carole

•    “If you are wondering what to do with the rest of your life — because you are dissatisfied or bored with your job, going through a separation or divorce, reentering the workforce, contemplating a life or career change, or unemployed — this book is for you. A major shift in your career and life direction can create important gains in your life. It forces you to confront yourself in basic ways, and offers you the chance for an expanded sense of self, personal and professional growth, and hope. It also involves some tradeoffs.”

•    “I wrote Questers Dare to Change Your Job and Life so that I could share my research and experience on the career quest with you. As you journey through this book — and through your life — don’t hold back because of concerns about ‘success’ or the availability of jobs in your field. Whether the country is in an economic explosion or a recession, whether you want to work in a broad or a narrow field, attractive jobs are available.”

•    “Keep your options open. Focus on the opportunities available. By following the examples of the self-reliant Questers, who thrive on challenge and growth and turn crises into opportunities, you will gain the strength to take an active stance in your own life.”

•    “Questers Dare to Change Your Job and Life will teach you to become the manager of your life, to be in charge of your destiny. You will find the knowledge, courage, and confidence to improve the quality of your life and work and to make your dreams come true. You will have power to achieve a more meaningful, satisfying, and productive life — to attain the life you were meant to live — in a changing, challenging world.”

•    “Take time to plan for greater happiness and more personal and professional growth and success.”