3 Tips for #Creating #Good #WorkHabits

February 10, 2020

© Carole Kanchier, PhD

3 Tips for Creating Good Work Habits

  1. Present a professional, confident image. Consider others’ feelings. Be respectful and considerate to everyone. Practice such basic courtesies as returning messages promptly, leaving concise voice mail messages, sending hand written thank you notes and greeting people when entering an office.
  2. Value others’ opinions. Listen when they speak. Offer your opinion after people have spoken. Ask questions when you’re not clear about something. Summarize what you hear people say to correct misunderstandings. Let others know you hear what they’re feeling but not saying
  1. Let others know you appreciate their efforts or accomplishmnts. Feedback and praise are most effective when offered immediately and linked to specific activities, products or attributes.

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Author Bio: Carole Kanchier, PhD, is an internationally recognized newspaper/digital columnist, registered psychologist, coach and author of award winning, Questers Dare to Change Your Job and Life.  Kanchier has taught at University of California, Berkeley and Santa Cruz, University of Alberta, and other institutions of higher learning, and worked with clients representing many disciplines. Dr. Kanchier is known for her pioneering, interdisciplinary approach to human potential.

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