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On Serendipity

Adapted from Questers Dare to Change Your Job and Life https://www.amazon.com/Questers-Dare-Change-Your-Life/dp/1508408963

To some extent, feeling lucky hinges on the unexpected, according to research in the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making: a chance encounter that sparks a friendship, a juicy job lead overheard at the supermarket, a surprise eagle sighting on a morning stroll.

Question: Do you feel that a rigid routine — scheduling life down to the millisecond — interferes with lucky moments like those? If so, what are some everyday ways people can invite more serendipity into their lives?

 Response:  Rigid schedules interfere with serendipity. While it’s important to have goals and plans, it’s crucial not to write these on stone. Be open to serendipities and modify goals and plans as new opportunities arise.

Luck only happens if we’re ready to take advantage of opportunities.  Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” Luck occurs when preparation meets opportunity.

Create your luck

– Welcome the unplanned, unexpected. Look upon something new as exciting — an opportunity to challenge ourselves and grow. If we don’t try, how will we ever find out if we can do it?

– Write a weekly success journal.  Note the role luck played in achieving successes and the strategies used to influence luck. Identify people, circumstances, and resources that influenced luck, and strategiesthat appeared to facilitate luck. Perceive patterns, and make connections between seemingly unrelated ideas, objects, or events.

– Take advantage of unexpected good fortunes. Don’t procrastinate. The window of opportunity may not last long.

– Examine attitudes and beliefs we developed as children. Do admonitions like “Never question authority,” “Save for a rainy day,” apply today?

– Play mental games like “What if….” These require a willingness to think freely, so don’t close doors on ideas. Resist thinking, “Don’t be silly!” or “That’s stupid.”

– Build networks. Form links with others to exchange ideas, information, connections, and encouragement.Take initiative. Be open to chance encounters.

 – Take time for silence. Meditate, Communicate with nature.  Learn to just “be.”

 – Attend to internal and external cues. Pay attention to how we feel when we meet a new person. Note where our feet take us when entering a book store. When grocery shopping, take the first apple our hands pick.

Believe we all have the ability to create serendipities.

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