3 Tips for Developing #SelfControl at #Work

January 14, 2020

© Carole Kanchier, PhD

At the root of any successful person, is self control. Whether it’s success in their personal, professional or other life activities, it starts with an intention to be self disciplined. Thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and habits, must all be kept in check!

My ongoing research with workers representing varied fields demonstrates successful people have learned how to use self control to attain desired goals. So can you!

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Self control tips

– Think positively. Think and talk about what you want. View setbacks as learning opportunities.  When you hear your inner voice criticize, think of something positive to say such as “I’m learning.” Listen to inspirational tapes; read motivational books. Begin each day with positive thoughts. Associate with optimistic, supportive people.

– Strengthen confidence. Know and accept yourself. List you positive achievements and personality characteristics. Post this where you can read it daily. Don’t change to please others. Don’t compare yourself to or compete with others. Affirm yourself. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

– Reward yourself.  Each morning think of something positive to do for yourself. Every time you pull through a challenging or negative experience, give yourself a treat.

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