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January 1, 2020

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 We are living in turbulent times. Varied social, technological and economic changes are related to numerous societal issues including climate change, unemployment and underemployment, global poverty and hunger, environmental deterioration, terrorism and national and international security.

New technologies (flying cars, on demand services, computer controlled robots) are expected to have a huge impact on society. Many blame technology for loss of current and anticipated future jobs. Instead of using technology to replace people we can use technology to augment current jobs and create new work and lifestyle opportunities!

We can also help humans understand their place in the universal scheme of things. Many want to make sense of their lives, live with purpose and meaning.

Humans need hope that our world may be progressing towards a peaceful, prosperous future.

Recent discoveries and new technologies have provided an unprecedented opportunity to take the best of our existing historical narratives, scientific explanations and spiritual principles and weave these together to craft a more enlightening understanding of human existence.

A consideration of the Universal Laws which have been in existence for centuries may help us move forward mentally, physically, spiritually and peacefully.

Universal Principles

Universal Laws work together for “good.” When we put these universal laws into practice, we experience a shift in conscious understanding of who we are and our relationship with all that lives in the universe.

There are many universal laws. Some claim there are seven or principles by which everything in the universe is governed. The universe exists in perfect harmony by virtue of these laws. Ancient mystical, esoteric and secret teachings dating back over 5,000 years from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Greece and to the Vedic tradition of Ancient India, all have as their common thread these seven Spiritual Laws of the Universe. Once we understand, apply and align ourselves with these laws, we will experience transformations in every area of our lives.

As stated in the Kybalion “the Universe exists by virtue of these Laws, which form its framework and which hold it together.” Knowing these universal laws and learning how to transcend them, is fundamental to changing the circumstances of our lives so that we can consciously create our intended reality and achieve true mastery.

Great Principles Shared By Many Spiritual Disciplines

Core principles or values that run uniformly through the world’s major spiritual teachings for centuries are outlined below in a format that can be easily read, understood, shared and used as guidelines.

The Golden Rule / Law of Reciprocity The cornerstone of religious understanding. “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.” – Christianity

Honor Thy Father and Mother – Knowing them is the key to knowing ourselves. The day will come when we shall wish we had known them better.

Speak the Truth – “Sincerity is the way of heaven, and to think how to be sincere is the way of a man.” – Confucius

It’s More Blessed to Give than to Receive – Generosity, charity and kindness will open an individual to an unbounded reservoir of riches.

Heaven is Within – “Even as the scent dwells within the flower, so God within thine own heart forever abides.” – Sikhism

Love Thy Neighbor / Conquer With Love / All You Need is Love Acts of faith, prayer and deep meditation provide us with the strength that allows love for our fellow man to become an abiding part of our lives. Love is a unifying force.

Blessed Are the Peacemakers – When people live in the awareness that there is a close kinship between all individuals and nations, peace is the natural result.

You Reap What You Sow – This is the great mystery of human life. Aware or unaware, all are ruled by this      inevitable law of nature.  This is also expressed aws Cause and Effect: There is a cause for every effect, and an effect for every cause. There is no such thing as chance.  Every action has a consequence.

People Do Not Live by Bread Alone – The blessings of life are deeper than what can be appreciated by the senses.

Do No Harm – If someone tries to hurt another, it means that she is perceiving that person as something separate and foreign from herself.

Forgiveness – The most beautiful thing a man can do is to forgive wrong. – Judaism

Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged – This principle is an expression of the underlying truth that mankind is one great family, and that we all spring from a common source.

Be Slow to Anger – Anger clouds the mind in the very moments that clarity and objectivity are needed most. “He who holds back rising anger like a rolling chariot, him I call a real driver; others only hold the reins.” – Buddha

There is But One God.  God is Love, The Absolute. Whatever name people choose, there is but one God. All people and all things are of one essence.

Follow the Spirit of the Scriptures, Not the Words – “Study the words, no doubt, but look behind them to the thought they indicate; And having found it, throw the words away, as chaff when you have sifted out the grain.” – Hinduism.        

Gender. Everything and everyone has two genders: masculine and feminine. The masculine gender gives, expresses, is self reliant, logical. The feminine gender expresses patience, gentleness, ideas and imagination.  On the other hand, it may constantly reflect, fail to act, resulting in stagnation. With both the masculine and feminine working in harmony, there is thoughtful action that breeds success; both the feminine and the masculine fulfill each other.

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How can you integrate these principles into your work and lifestyle to move forward peacefully and productively in 2020?

Author Bio: Carole Kanchier, PhD, is an internationally recognized newspaper/digital columnist, registered psychologist, coach and author of award winning, Questers Dare to Change Your Job and Life.  Kanchier has taught at University of California, Berkeley and Santa Cruz, University of Alberta, and other institutions of higher learning. Dr. Kanchier is known for her pioneering, interdisciplinary approach to human potential.

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