Award winning Questers Dare to Change Shows How to Attain Goals

January 20, 2021

© Carole Kanchier, PhD


Tips For Attaining Life Career Goals

Create new opportunities with current or another employer. Consider time out, full or part-time study, travel or self employment.

– Know and accept yourself. Know your purpose. Work at achieving goals compatible with your purpose. Believe you’ll attain them.

– Identify personal and transferable skills. Adaptive skills like openness to ideas, persistence, critical evaluation, enthusiasm, helpfulness, patience, optimism and tolerance are prized.  So are “meta skills.” including problem solving, research, judgment, inspiration, relationship building, ethical leadership, mental training and emotional intelligence. 

Continuously update technical and professional skills and strengthen Quester qualities like authenticity, purpose, risk, confidence and resilience.

Questers Dare to Change Your Job and Life, by Dr. Carole Kanchier. gives numerous tips for creating desired life career.

Author Bio: Carole Kanchier, PhD, is an internationally recognized newspaper/digital columnist, registered psychologist, keynote speaker, coach and author of award winning, Questers Dare to Change Your Job and Life.  Kanchier has taught at University of California, Berkeley and Santa Cruz, University of Alberta, and other institutions of higher learning, and worked with varied individual and organizational clients. Dr. Kanchier is known for her pioneering, interdisciplinary approach to human potential. Carole is available for consultations and interviews