Strengthen Mind Power to Succeed

August 26, 2014

Do you regularly attain desired goals?  Do you know how to use the power of your mind to achieve goals?

Research suggest that when the body is in peak condition and the trained mind is focused, an individual can achieve the extraordinary.

Tiger Woods mentally pictures his golf ball rolling into the hole. Medical professionals have taught patients to shrink tumors using mental strategies. Quester, Barbara, a former technical writer, is living her dream — attending to her herb garden in Hawaii.

You create your own life script by your mental attitude, the thoughts you think.  Mind has unlimited potential, but like other muscles, it has to be developed.

Brain wave research has shown that electrical activity in the brain will change depending on what the person is doing. For instance, the brainwaves of a sleeping person (who is at the Alpha level with brain wave frequencies of 7 to 13 cycles per second) are different than the brainwaves of someone who is wide awake (at the Beta level with frequencies of 13-38 cycles per second).

Studies have also demonstrated that the conscious mind gives orders to the subconscious mind. To strengthen mind power, learn to relax and slow you brain wave frequency to the Alpha level. Then program desired goals.

Building Mind Power

1. Have a clear picture of desired outcome. Ensure your goal is consistent with your purpose. Indicate why you want the goal. Include benefits to yourself and others.

2. Imagine yourself living your goal. Hold desired outcome firmly in your mind.  When your mind is at the relaxed  Alpha level, clearly visualize your goal. Experience your goal. Notice how it feels, smells, sounds, and looks.

3. Identify barriers to goal attainment. Note how you can overcome these. Include people, resources, and personal strengths.

4. Develop an action plan. Every day, complete at least one activity that will lead to goal attainment. Focus. Ask yourself, “Is this activity moving me closer to my goal?”

5. Expect success. Think and talk about what you want. Avoid negative thoughts and feelings including worry and anger.

6. Keep mind, body, and spirit in top condition.

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Author, Dr. Carole Kanchier, encourages you to reassess your views of career success, and strengthen Quester traits such as purpose and intuition to succeed. Carole Kanchier has worked with clients representing varied industries, and has taught at the University of Alberta, University of California, Berkeley and Santa Cruz, and other institutions of higher learning. She chaired the Career Change Committee, National Career Development Association, and was Advisory Board member, College Admission Counseling Program, University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Kanchier walks her talk!


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