Testimonials for Questers Dare to Change

“A terrific must-read for everyone who wants to succeed in career and life. Meet real people who had doubts but learned to take control…and succeeded…” —Tadeusz Zorawski, CEO, UM / Universal McCann (Warsaw Poland)

“Dr. Kanchier continues to encourage and firm readers to identify effective coping strategies…Her concepts and helpful examples bring understanding and direct applications to all…” –George Fitzsimmons, PhD, University of Alberta

“Dare to Change is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to develop the knowledge, confidence, strength, and courage to take charge of career and life!” — Gail Korza, California Association for Counseling and Development

“…A blueprint to help everyone identify their own occupational instincts and lead reacher professional lives…” —Wendy Enelow, Founder & Executive Director, Career Thought Leaders Consortium

“Dare To Change Your Job and Your Life by Carole Kanchier provides a step-by-step method for you to develop and grow in a new career path. If anyone can show you how to make a career transition, Dr. Kanchier can…” —Linda, (Amazon 5-Star Review)

“Dr. Kanchier’s insightful columns have kept Sun Media readers engaged and inspired…This extensively researched book provides even more guidance and inspiration.” –Diane Janes, Career Editor, Sun Media

“This book provides a fresh outlook on careers and jobs…The book is also clearly designed as self-help book and would be highly helpful to anyone reflecting upon a career or job at any developmental stage.” —Peter Emerson, Ed.D, LPC

“Questers not only inspires you to rethink and change your life and career, it shows you how…” —John D. Krumboltz, PhD, Stanford University

“This is a daring book. It challenges you to dare to change your life. Best of all, it gives you real encouragement and sound practical ways of going about it…This is a popular book. The language is straightforward. The illustrations are concrete, specific; the kind of life stories with which one can easily identify.” —William Hague, PhD, University of Alberta