Customer and Client Comments

Here are sample comments from individuals who have found Carole’s book, columns, customized workshops and coaching very helpful.

Customized Programs

“Thank you for a fabulous four weeks on learning and exploring career issues. The materials and exercises were very appropriate for our culture and the case studies helped to humanize current work situations employees are facing.” – Irma M, Levi Strauss.

“The evaluations from the Intuitive Edge course are very positive and reflect a very high level of participant satisfaction with content and presentation style. Thank you.” – Diane C, Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta.

“We thoroughly enjoyed your engaging presentation on purpose. It extended our horizons and gave us much to think about.” – Robert F, Program Coordinator

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Counseling and Coaching

“Counseling helped me acquire the confidence, know-how, courage and persistence to get the job I’ve always wanted.” – M. Martin, Accountant

“I felt hopelessly trapped before counseling. Now, there isn’t a work week that passes by that I don’t think about the ideas and techniques that I have learned from our sessions.” – Celeste L, Recreation Professional

“The revealing quizzes, probing questions and perceptive exercises helped me acquire the insight to finally clarify my goals… Dr. Kanchier’s warmth, affirming and supportive environment, and use of intuitive and intellectual strategies, make her a superior counselor.” – Lorraine F, Entrepreneur.

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“Well, it was about time, finding a book that answered all my questions about what I really wanted out of life and, but of course, my fears and doubts. I was so trapped in my job… Just read ‘Questers Dare to Change’, and see what I mean…”  –  A Customer.

“In ‘Questers Dare to Change’, Kanchier covers much territory… Interest, clarity, and relate-ability are enhanced by many excerpts from personal stories… selected from the thousands of adults…”  –  A Customer.

“Do You Dare? This is one great book for someone who may be unhappy in their life or career – and needs a reality check. I’ve read a number of so-called “self-help” books… and this one really did it for me… It takes the reader to a far deeper level of introspection and self assessment than the usual book of its type…” – A Customer.

“…It’s completely unlike anything I’ve read. It’s like having a heart to heart with friends…With my new found clarity I couldn’t be happier! This book really has changed my life and it could quite possibly change yours too.”  – A reader.

“Dare To Change Your Job and Your Life by Carole Kanchier provides a step-by-step method for you to develop and grow in a new career path. If anyone can show you how to make a career transition, Dr. Kanchier can…” – Linda,

“As a Quester, I found the book inspiring and informative. It shows readers how they grow and change throughout life, and how to creatively take control of their careers in a changing work world. Questers offers numerous case studies, quizzes and guidelines to move forward…” –  Emmanuel Shamatutu, Career Consultant

“I consider myself a Quester as all the jobs that I have had have quickly lost their challenge. I often mention Questers Dare to Change when I meet people who outgrow their jobs and need to move on to the next challenge. Fortunately I have found my passion that continues to provide me with ongoing and endless challenges and opportunities. Your book helped me to understand my life and for that I thank you!”  – Harvey Deutschendorf, Emotional Intelligence Expert, Speaker and Internationally Published Author of The Other Kind of Smart.

“A terrific must-read for everyone who wants to succeed in career and life. Meet real people who had doubts but learned to take control…and succeeded…” – Tadeusz Zorawski, CEO, UM / Universal McCann (Warsaw Poland)

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“… You put into words many of the underlying currents of present day society… which people do not want to address because it means a leap into uncharted territory. Thanks for your insightful and daring work.” – Alan W., A reader.

“I found your article on mind power intriguing and empowering, and have been using your techniques. I am happy to report that I have results.” – Mike B., A reader.

“Your article on purpose in last Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle was just what I needed… I am now able to put down on paper what’s most important to me. Thanks for your insights…” – Emily N., A reader.

“I read with great interest your article, ‘Breathing Fresh Life Into Your Job Search.’ I will take your column’s advice. Thanks for the inspiration and nudging.” – Derah G., A reader.

“I found your article, ‘Your Mind Can Change Physical Reality,’ in the Sunday Chronicle/Examiner to be very inspiring, progressive and informative…Your suggestions do work!…” – Patricia S., A reader.

“Thanks so much for your weekly articles in the Star Ledger. I look forward to waking up on Monday mornings to read them with delight and have begun to act on them…You have helped me accept myself…” – Kyle Y., A reader.

“Your article on ‘Stop Fear From Holding You Back’ was extremely helpful to me…It voices so many of my concerns. Thanks for the wonderful article…” – Sarah C., A reader.

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