Are you a Quester? Would you like to become one? We are all born with Quester qualities. You can see these characteristics in babies and young children. They continuously strive to learn by exploring the world around them. Infants reach out to grasp their parents’ ears, eyes, or clothing and various objects in their cribs or playpens. As they learn to crawl and walk, they have fun exploring every object in their homes….

The Quester Questionnaire can help you see how you rate on the various Quester characteristics. By responding to the statements and reading the interpretations carefully, you can gain a greater understanding of who you are and who you could become.

The Quester Questionnaire

165 questions in the Questionnaire will help you identify how your personality characteristics compare with those of the Questers.

Make your responses as honest as possible. Don’t choose the answer you think others would expect of you. This is a test for you, and you alone. Because your attitudes about yourself can also be colored by how you feel at any given time, complete the Questionnaire when you are feeling refreshed. For best results, find a quiet spot where you can devote two concentrated hours to completing and scoring it.

One final point: In the field of psychological evaluation, there are no absolute rights or wrongs. This Questionnaire is not infallible, but you will find it intriguing and revealing. In fact, you may never see yourself in the same way again.

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Tips for Clarifying Purpose

Identifying your purpose will take time, particularly if you are not accustomed to looking inward. A good start, however, is to identify and acknowledge your deepest dreams and hopes. The following activities will help you begin to better understand yourself and your raison d’être…

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