Would you know a Quester if you met one? Are you a Quester yourself? Could you become one? What are Questers, anyway?


Questers think of their work differently from most people. Like many individuals, Questers will probably spend a third to half of their adult lives working or thinking about work. But, unlike most people, at crucial points in their careers, they set off on quests to find the missing links in their lives. Their life stories start out a lot like everyone’s, until the day they begin a personal journey of discovery to find a better life and a better career. You, too, can make this journey.

People with Quester qualities have been around for ages, but their numbers are increasing today. Questers know they will prevail during uncertain times by continuing to learn, change, and grow…

Work Through the Ages

Most people spend a third to a half of their waking hours at work, commuting to work, or thinking about work. How ironic it is that work, considered by the early Greeks and Romans to be punishment and drudgery, is now so important.

Early Christianity slowly changed the meaning of work. As the centuries passed, the powerful Church came to recognize agriculture, handicrafts, and commerce as valuable professions. Work acquired “spiritual dignity.” But not until the Renaissance was work recognized as a source of joy and creative fulfillment. The Reformation followed on its heels, shaping modern ideas about work and stimulating the development of capitalism.

The Protestant Reformation elevated work to a new status. The search for excellence had begun. Calvinism added yet another twist: Work and wealth were okay, as long as they weren’t enjoyed. Calvinists considered it a religious duty to choose a calling and follow it industriously….

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